Meet Danielle

Danielle is passionate about her community, and all those in it. She doesn’t shy away from a challenge and is often seen leading the charge. She took the long road to earning her college degree from Oregon State University.

She’s a proud mother of three teens! Joel, Natalie and Raegan who are all very involved in different things, fishing, hunting to cheerleading and art. Her husband, Nathan, is also a recent small business owner, opening Bethell Plumbing in early 2019. The trades and small business have been a part of their life from the beginning.

Danielle has spent much of her children’s lives showing them what it means to be present in their community and living life with those around them. It’s not often you won’t see one of her children at her side selling popcorn in a concession stand, visiting families and delivering needed items or supporting a booster cause or two at a fundraiser; usually behind the scenes!

She is passionate about engaging the future and participating in solutions of issues that affect those around her.

Danielle was elected County Commissioner in 2020 and will be the Chair of the Board in 2022. She previously served as the Executive Director for the Keizer Chamber of Commerce.

Community Advocate

Danielle is deeply rooted in her community and has been a small business owner and community advocate for more than 10 years. She has spearheaded a variety of community initiatives, from fundraising to restore local Little League fields, and leading efforts to bring two turf fields to local high schools: McNary and McKay, volunteering as a Rotarian, to fighting for a better education system, Danielle will bring the same presence, energy and dedication to the County Commission.

Diverse Experiences

Danielle was raised by a single mother who experienced mental health challenges until she passed in 2014. Danielle and her older sister navigated a life that some would say was “on the move”, unstable, and often unpredictable. Danielle attended six different elementary schools (in four different Oregon cities), two middle schools (in Oregon and California), and finally one high school, McKay (GO SCOTS!). In her high school years, she moved around to different homes beginning late in her sophomore year, when her mom was on the go elsewhere, or was facing challenges she wasn’t equipped to handle while simultaneously parenting. Danielle has always had a sense of community. Teachers, and parents of friends welcomed her with the challenges she faced, only expecting her to graduate high school. She learned early on to be helpful to others, particularly her friends’ parents, her thought was it would make them more likely to allow her to stay around, as needed.

Danielle has worked in various fields from her first job as a courtesy clerk (bagger) at Roth’s Fresh Markets, to building state agency budgets and delivering testimony in the legislature, to sitting side by side small business owners working towards business plans that will create security and sustainability for a local family owned business, to the random in-between seasonal berry picking jobs. Her approach to just about anything is hands-on. She’s approachable, and present and enjoys being a part of solutions. She learned from a young age to be useful, and to learn from those around her.

Through her community involvement and upbringing, she has learned relationships are vital to every situation. She doesn’t shy away from tough situations, conversations or projects.

New Perspectives

The Marion County Commission is lacking a woman’s perspective. Danielle wants to bring that voice back to the Commission and offer new and innovative perspectives on the most pressing issues. Whether it be solving homelessness, responsibly managing our natural resources, to making health care more affordable and accessible, Danielle will lead by listening and bringing people together.

Occupational, Community, & Government Experience


  • Executive Director, Keizer Chamber of Commerce (2016 – Present); Small business owner,
  • NW Events and Promotions (2008 – Present)
  • Bethell Plumbing (2019 – Present)
  • Education: McKay High School, 1997; Oregon State University, 2012

Occupational Background

  • Marion County Fire District #1 Recruitment Coordinator, 2013-2015
  • Oregon Parent Training and Information Center, Development Director, 2008-2011
  • Oregon Public Utility Commission, Executive Director Support II, Jan. 2007 – Dec. 2008
  • Oregon Disabilities Commission, Office Specialist, Office Manager, Executive Director 2003-2005

Community Organizing and Involvement

  • Rotarian, 2013-Present
  • Organizing and fundraising for Keizer Little League Field restoration, 2013-2014
  • Volunteer Project Manager: McNary Turf Project, 2014-2015
  • Project Coordinator and booster club developer for McKay Turf Project, 2015-2017
  • McNary High School Gymnasium Project, 2016
  • McNary High School Softball Dugout Project, 2017
  • McNary High School Stadium Scorecard Project, 2018
  • Career and Technical Education Center (CTEC) Advisory Task Force, 2016- Present

Government Experience

  • Salem-Keizer School Board Member, Present
  • Salem-Keizer School District Bond Oversight Committee
  • Oregon Judicial Department Citizen Review Board, 2010-2013